Next Stop in Colombia, the Big City Bogota

Bogota, Colombia
Days 34 – 36 of our South America trip (read from the start)

How we arrived:
We took a bus from another nearby city to Salento called Pereira to Bogota bus station. Another fairly long one at just under 9 hours! A plus side to the long trip was being able to finally start writing the blog with the help of my trusty ghostwriter.

Quick overview:
Bogota on the face of it seems a fairly chaotic city. As far as capital cities go it has terrible infrastructure. Due to a very tough past with a lot buildings being destroyed in a riot in 1948 and more recently bombings in the 80’s by feuding drug cartels has left the city looking a little ugly. We arrived late the night of the 6th Jan so just went to bed. The next morning we walked from the Air BnB (decided to give hostels a rest) to the city centre about 45 mins away. We did a walking tour of the city with an excellent guide who didn’t shy away from the details of Colombia’s recent past. We went through the historical centre and saw the most important Government buildings. We also tried chicha in the hipster area of town. Tastes like a cider soup if that was a thing.

We didn’t head out out in Bogota because we were in an apartment and away from the usual temptation of people gargling at hostels. So we stayed in that night and the next day headed to a local market called Santa Barbara in the north of the city. Massive market with artisanal products and the like. Heather liked it… I just don’t like markets or shopping so it was never going to impress me ha. The area was very nice though and changed our perspective of Bogota from the quite unsafe feeling of the centre. After that we had lunch with the air bnb host at a Colombian restaurant. Patacon again made an appearance and I pretended to enjoy it :).

That’s all she wrote about Bogota as we had a flight to Cali the morning of the 9th Jan. A gigantic city with a population of 9 million that seems a bit stuck in its ways. That said 2 days in a city that size isn’t enough to pass such judgement, but I just did.

Stayed in a nice air bnb that was a contact of Heather’s sister. Was decent but it was a bit out of the way and made us a little bit isolated without the helpfulness of hostel staff etc.

Rory’s rant:
Got scammed in a taxi for a fake 50k pesos (21 euro). The taxi man did a switch-a-roo with a note and we didn’t notice until it was too late. Counterfeit bills in Colombia is a huge problem and cash is very much king so everyone gets done eventually. They charge a percentage for using card everywhere which is fairly stupid and you would think may solve the aul fake money sitch.

Heather’s highlight:
Try the hot chocolate with cheese. So weird. So good.

Read about our trip from the start


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