Last Stop in Colombia – Cali

Cali, Colombia
Days 37 – 39 of our South America trip

How we arrived:
A flight with Avianca and a bus then taxi to the hostel. Flight was up in the air for about 20 mins so a little better than the buses! 😛

Quick overview:
There’s not too much to say about Cali. We arrived in the afternoon and just grabbed a late lunch for 2 euro in the local restaurant which we went back to 3 times haha!
We were told by a few people in the hostel that a lot of gringos had been robbed right outside and one at gunpoint. Made us a touch nervous about the place, perhaps a bit unwarranted as these things do happen in big cities. Adding to that Heather was ill for the 2 days we were there so she couldn’t really go far. If you’re into dancing and salsa this is definitely the place to stay a week. People who were into that kinda jazz loved doing lessons and going to the salsa clubs.

I had a great/ bizarre night out at a rooftop apartment with other people from the hostel on the 2nd night there though. Unfortunately Heather wasn’t up to it but I drank enough for both of us. She was delighted when I came home to tell her all about the night at 5am. We booked a night bus to Ecuador the next day so pretty much spent that day half dead. We did venture out to the cinema to watch Assassin’s Creed which I battled falling asleep throughout. My second hangover of the trip was fairly ill-timed since we faced a 24 hour bus trip to Quito that night. But worth it right? No not right.

Stayed at El Viajero hostel which had a pool and a good atmosphere with nice people to head out with. Private room with shared bathroom.

Rory’s rant:
They seriously need to rethink the whole safety issue in Cali. There was a severe lack of a police presence in the touristy areas. Cali is one of the most famous Salsa cities in the world would attract way more visitors with money if it got rid of the edgy feel to the place. Obviously easier said than done but it seemed a shame we didn’t go out and explore more as it did looks like a city with plenty of charm.

Heather’s highlight:
I didn’t warm to Cali, I just found it intimidating and lacking tourist activities outside of Salsa and partying…

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