Lima, Peru – Foodie Paradise

Lima, Peru
Day 54-57 of our South America trip (Read more of Peru trip)

How we arrived:
We took a 3 hour bus from Mancora to Piura airport (very tiny airport) and a one hour flight with Avianca to Lima. We got a free upgrade to first class on the flight so we had an hour of feeling important! Also don’t stay in Piura if you have a flight from there as it’s a dive!

Quick overview:
We arrived late so just grabbed a pizza close by the hostel and went to bed the first night. The next day we did a quite bizarre free walking tour of the historical centre with a guide who had limited English. Luckily he did the tour in Spanglish and Spanish so at least I understood :P. The historical centre of Lima is easy on the eye and has a Spanish and partly French feel to the main buildings such a the Presidents Palace and Town Hall. We learnt about the brief Inca Empire of 100 years in the 14th-15th century. They certainly got a raw deal from the Spanish! That said I’m pretty sure they weren’t too good to their own people, regularly making child sacrifices. Another really interesting part of Peru is the race of people. The have been influenced by various different races including the Inca’s, the Spanish and in the last 150 years – Asians. A lot of people are of various different races due to the integration of people who settled in Peru.

We were based in Miraflores which is where most tourists stay in the city and it has become quite westernised with large modern buildings, chain restaurants and a very safe feel. In terms of places we have stayed this is by far the most westernised and definitely somewhere you can walk around and not feel uneasy. That said it does give it less charm than other areas like the centre of Lima. That night we ate and had a few drinks around the lively bars and restaurants beside Kennedy Park.

Heather really wanted to do a Peruvian cooking class so we did a 3 hour class in a place called Sky Kitchen which was down the road from our hostel in Miraflores. Although I was a touch reluctant the class was a lot of fun and we learnt how to cook four different typically dishes – Causa, Ceviche, Lomo Saltado and Picarones. We then made friends with a really nice couple from Boston and went back to the bars by Kennedy Park to wash down the food!

We stayed 3 nights at pretty basic hostel but with a great location in Miraflores called, Casa Huelpa. Private room with shared bathroom.

Rory’s rant:
I tried Ceviche since I made it in the class and while it wasn’t as bad or as fishy as I thought raw fish would taste, I’ll have my meat and fish cooked thank you very much.

Heather’s highlight:
FOOD. Lima has tones of high quality, delicious food. From street food to high-end…you will not go hungry here! I highly recommend that you eat at La Lucha, it’s fast food but specialises in steak sandwiches…not to be missed! We had the best day at a cooking class by SkyKitchen Peru it was $70 each, but totally worth every penny. We learned how to make ceviche and a few other dishes and it’s BYOB so we enjoyed some beers and wine with our meal. 


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