Mancora – Welcome to Peru!

Mancora, Peru
Day 51-53

How we arrived: 

We decided to split the bus trip to Piura (where we had a flight booked to Lima) up with a couple more days on the coast just over the Peruvian border in another surfer town called Mancora. We took a bus from Montanita back to the bus terminal in Guayaquil then a 10 hour bus including an hour stop at the border to Mancora. We went with the bus company Cruz del Sur the whole way which was handy as it made the border crossing pretty hassle free. (*note Cruz del Sur doubled charged my debit card for this trip and are still yet to pay me back!)

Quick overview:

A similar enough town to Montanita; Mancora has a really nice beach with plenty of places to eat and drink. The main difference between the two is that Mancora has more of a family atmosphere but still has the bars and clubs at night too.

Again we just decided to relax and spend time at the beach. We took it very easy for the two the days we were there. It gets a somewhat bad rep from people saying the town is a bit ugly and people do get robbed there but we didn’t have any issues thankfully. 


We stayed high up on a hill in a private room with shared bathroom in a place called Kon Tiki Bungalows. It was a nice quiet spot which we were happy with as we didn’t plan to go out when we were there.

Rory’s rant:

People love to bother you as you walk down the street in South America and it happened a lot here. Walking down the street you have people shouting at you to come into there restaurant, trying to get you to take a tuk-tuk taxi or trying to sell you some worthless sunglasses or even on some occasions hammocks! Leave me be!!!

Heather’s highlight:

A lovely beach town, but we did feel a little on edge here in terms of watching our belongings and walking home after dark. There are a lot of nice restaurants with decent food and we became addicted to ice-cream sandwiches here! For no reason other than it was really hot!


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