Arequipa, Peru – The White City

Arequipa, Peru
Day 66-70 of our South America trip (Read from the start)

How we arrived:
We took an overnight bus from Cusco to Arequipa. We left Cusco at 8pm and arrived at around 7am. The road was fairly bumpy and windy so I struggled to get much sleep even though the bus was decent. We went again with Cruz del Sur.


Quick Overview:
We stayed in Arequipa for 4 nights. The weather was really good while we were there so decided to add on one more night than originally planned. We also watched the Super Bowl here which I really wanted to see! It’s not the best place in the world to watch foreign sports if anyone is looking for somewhere to watch a big sporting event. If you are in Arequipa for a big match then the Wild Rover Hostel has a big screen and The Kiwi Corner is a decent place to watch sport. We ended up in an American bar called Chelawasi for the first half. They do decent wings and burgers and have craft beer. Then the second half we went to the Wild Rover and watched it alongside the party hostel crowd…

The city is called the white city due to the white washed buildings that surround the old town. On the walking tour we were told it also refers to the amount of  white Europeans that had settled there in the 16th century. You can do a trek to Colca Canyon which has become a hug tourist attraction in Peru. We didn’t do it, as I think Heather was a little done with treks after Machu Picchu.

Arequipa is surrounded by volcanoes with some of them active. A very large one called Misti is apparently awake and could be potentially devastating to the region. Not to scare ya from going :P.

We went to a museum that holds an Incan child Mummy named Juanita who was recovered from the top of a volcano. Absolutely terrifying but something that was really interesting to see and hear about the history of Incan child sacrifices. Also while I watched a Spurs match Heather went to the Monasterio de Santa Carolina.

We stayed in the Flying Dog hostel which is about 4 blocks from the centre and decently located. Nicely restored building that didn’t have too many people staying there when we were there but had good facilities and it was extremely cheap for a private double ensuite. I would recommend staying here.

Rory’s rant:
Hostel breakfasts are generally rubbish. I don’t know why they bother with them as it generally consists of a bit of bread and butter.

Either make it mildly decent or just charge less and don’t buy a load of crap bread.

Heather’s Highlight:

I loved it here, it was really easy to get around and the weather was a little bit cooler than other places we visited so I was loving it! We were here at the off season so it was quiet and some bars and restaurants were closed, but there was still enough to do to justify a few days here. I visited Monasterio de Santa Carolina one afternoon and it was such an interesting and beautiful old convent. We also went to Museo Santuarios Andinos (Museum of Andean Sanctuaries to see Juanita the mummy – it’s worth seeing. The walking tour was also a good activity to do to get to know the place.

Read about our trip from the beginning! 



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